The Different Types Of Women’s Boots

Shoes happen to be a very distinct and downright essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.

They are considered to be something that must be had in sufficient numbers, especially by those women who are fashion conscious at all times.

Of all the different types of shoes that women buy, one of the most stunning ones which a woman can style her feet with are a pair of ankle boots. They give an excellent sense of dressing and style when used as properly and in addition to being attractive, are also downright classy.

While these kinds of boots have existed for a long time, it’s only recently that they have become a big sensation with women everywhere. This in turn has led to a lot of women going about on a buying spree to have the latest model of ankle boots as part of their wardrobe.

When it comes to the boots themselves, there are quite a lot of varieties of ankle boots.

The boots available today are basically divided into three types; activity, material and style. These in turn have a few varieties, which are explained further down below:

1.) Activity Based Classification: This is a classification of anklet boots classified based on the kind of activity that they are used for.

There are two kinds of activity boots in general:

a.) Chelsea Boots – They are one of the most common types of anklet boots worn by women. They are high and tight fitting. Furthermore, they have a plain toe similar to the ones found in makes such as Jodhpur boots.

They are ideal boots during the cold season, when it allows for women to stay warm without affecting the overall look or style. They are usually worn in winter.

b.) Combat Boots – As the name suggests, these are the boots meant to be used in combat. They are mostly used by women who are deployed in the military and it’s usage can be found in combat training or actual combat.

They are designed to be rugged and tough to endure the harsh conditions that they are subjected to in a military environment.

While the original purpose of the boots was directed at the military, they have become quite popular and common in fashionable circles.

2.) Material Based Classification: This form of classification is done based on the material used for the manufacture of the boots.

A wide variety of materials are used during the process of manufacturing. Some of the most common materials used are:

a.) Leather – Leather is one of the most common materials used for the manufacture of boots. These ankle boots happen to be one of the most durable and resistant, as well as one of the most fashionable ones to wear for any occasion.

They last a long time and are water as well as weather proof.

b.) Suede – Suede is the second most commonly used material used for the manufacture of anklet boots. Suede boots are actually leather boots, with the exception that the surface exposed to the outside happens to be the underside of the boots.

This is an opposite to the way traditional boots are manufactured, where the topside is preferred for the manufacture of leather products.

The suede gives a ‘soft’ finish to the finished product, which allows women to give a finishing touch to their overall outfit to create a ‘flow’ in the overall sense of fashion. The softness of the boots make them to be very much popular among the consumers.

3.) Style Based Classification – Anklet based boots can also be classified based on their style.

The most common styles preferred are:

a.) Pointed – These are an excellent example of elegantly designed boots, which distinguishes them from the rest.

They are in essence just another form of high heeled shoes, only differing in the overall design.

b.) Wedged – Wedged designs have a wedge-shaped sole that serves both as a heel and sole. These boots allow for one’s body weight to be evenly distributed when one is wearing them.

The advantage of these boots is that they prevent the physical strain that is quite common with pointed high-heel boots.

In addition to this, they also provide a very feminine look due to their unique design that gives height to the wearer.

c.) Stiletto – Stiletto boots are an emerging trend which allows women to project height as well as maintain elegance.

They are yet another high-heel design.

d.) Platform – Platform boots are high-heel boots which have a wide and bulky sole as base.

In all, anklet boots have a wide variety of designs and choices, which can spoil a consumer for choice. The final usage however, will depend on the consideration and requirement that is needed at the end of the day. Click here on Spartoo for more detail.